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Medical experts who refuse to use low-energy lightbulbs to protect against skin cancer and blindness | Mail Online.

It´s never too late…

Some cutaneous HPV types may be involved in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer development.

Sun CAN protect you against skin cancer | Mail Online.

Soak up the sun with diligence!

The National Osteoporosis Society has joined with the British Association of Dermatologists, Cancer Research UK Diabetes UK, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the National Heart Forum, and the Primary Care Dermatology Society to issue a joint position statement on vitamin D.

Consensus Vitamin D position statement

LEDs Magazine – LED device could advance photodynamic therapy for skin cancer.

Scientists at UC Irvine are exploring new ways to image cancerous lesions using LEDs that might enhance photodynamic therapy (PDT) treatments for cancer.