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Light Drives Nanomachines

Light Drives Nanomachines

BBC NEWS | Health | Unlicensed tanning drug use rises

Light opens up a world of sound for the deaf – health – 21 November 2008 – New Scientist

Vitamin D Deficiency Associated With Bone Disease: „(NaturalNews) Deficiency of vitamin D has once again been linked with bone disease, in a study on patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) conducted by researchers from the University of Manitoba, Canada.“

Dementia Slowed by Light Therapy

This article ends with the statement, that „light therapy is completely non-invasive“. This is an opinion which is waiting for a scientific proof. Recent research could show that light has an impact on the endocrine system and the integrity of the retinal metabolism and function, especially in elder individuals. Therefore light is NOT non-invasive!