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Gesundheit: Vitamin D – volle Dosis durch zehn Minuten Sonne – Nachrichten Wissenschaft – Medizin – WELT ONLINE

International Light Association – Conference 2008
The International Light Association (ILA) is pleased to
announce our 5th Annual Meeting and Conference at the picturesque Molkenkur Hotel in Heidelberg from October 20th through to the 26th, 2008.

Please find further details on our website under CONFERENCE or follow the link above.

Breast Cancer and The Estrogen Connection
Please be aware that most sunscreen products not only contain one or even a number of environmental estrogens, they also significantly reduce the amount of Vitamin D which could be synthesized in your skin under the influence of sunlight. The correct dose of pure, unfiltered sunlight can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Nutrient Profile: Vitamin D and its Many Functions

„Das billigste Licht ist nicht unbedingt das beste“
Alexander Wunsch

Artikel (PDF) in der aktuellen Ausgabe von
gynäkologie + geburtshilfe 04-2008

Rickets on the Rise as Vitamin D Deficiency Surges Among Expectant Mothers

Four Out of Five Sunscreens May Be Hazardous to Your Health – Articles

Licht ins Dunkel bringen : Textarchiv : Berliner Zeitung Archiv
Ein Netzhaut-Implantat soll Blinden einen Teil ihrer Sehkraft zurückgeben