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Light Pollution


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2009 5 October: Blue Light Threatens Animals and Humans

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Light Pollution — National Geographic Magazine.

Our Vanishing Night

Most city skies have become virtually empty of stars.

By Verlyn Klinkenborg
Photograph by Jim Richardson

International Dark-Sky Association.

„Darkness is as essential to our biological welfare, to our internal clockwork, as light itself.“

-Verlyn Klinkenborg, „Our Vanishing Night,“ National Geographic magazine, November 2008

BERKELEY, Calif., Sept. 17, 2009 – With a flash of light, scientists have zeroed in on the type of neural cell that controls swimming in larval zebra fish.

Using innovative light-activated proteins and gene expression techniques, the scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley, zapped several zebra fish with a pulse of light and initiated a swimming action in a subset of fish that was traced back to the neuron that drives the side-to-side motion of their tail fins.

Light Reveals Neuron Function ( | Sep 2009 | News and Features).

TUSCON, Ariz., Oct. 9, 2009 – Until now, no one has produced experimental evidence that chaos (defined as extreme sensitivity to infinitesimally small tweaks in the initial conditions) occurs in the quantum world – the world of photons, atoms, molecules and their building blocks.

viaQuantum Signatures of Chaos ( | Oct 2009 | News and Features).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept, 23, 2009 – Inspired by the success of cochlear implants that can restore hearing to some deaf people, researchers at MIT are developing a retinal implant that could one day help blind people regain a useful level of vision.

viaImplant Stimulates Sight ( | Sep 2009 | News and Features).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 8, 2009 – Electron microscopes are the most powerful type of microscope, capable of distinguishing even individual atoms. However, these microscopes cannot be used to image living cells because the electrons destroy the samples.

viaSeeing Inside a Living Cell ( | Oct 2009 | News and Features).

viaVortrag – Wie der Mensch Licht in die Dunkelheit brachte – Vom Kienspan zur Energiesparlampe.


Prof.Dr.Hans-Joachim Wilke
Technische Universität Dresden Fachrichtung Physik Professur für Didaktik der Physik

(NaturalNews) Large numbers of senior citizens need to spend more time outdoors to boost their levels of vitamin D and lower their risk of chronic disease, researchers from Warwick University have warned.

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