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Quyen Nguyen: Color-coded surgery | Talk Video |

Light and colors in the operation theatre – a new approach for minimal invasive surgery. Fluorescence staining helps surgeons to tell the good from the bad.

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Using Viagra to Combat Malignant Melanoma.

Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases – YouTube.

Can vitamin D help prevent certain cancers and other diseases such as type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain autoimmune and chronic diseases? To answer these questions and more, UCSD School of Medicine and GrassrootsHealth bring you this innovative series on vitamin D deficiency. Join nationally recognized experts as they discuss the latest research and its implications. In this program, Michael Holick, MD, discusses vitamin D relating to bone and muscle health and the prevention of autoimmune and chronic diseases. Series: Vitamin D Deficiency – Treatment and Diagnosis [3/2009] [Health and Medicine] [Science] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 15773]

Cell phones ‘possibly carcinogenic,’ says WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer | KurzweilAI.

Sun CAN protect you against skin cancer | Mail Online.

Soak up the sun with diligence!

The National Osteoporosis Society has joined with the British Association of Dermatologists, Cancer Research UK Diabetes UK, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the National Heart Forum, and the Primary Care Dermatology Society to issue a joint position statement on vitamin D.

Consensus Vitamin D position statement

Health Freedom Alliance » Vitamin D Fears Lead to Sun Warnings Review.

„Warning people to stay out of the sun may have led to vitamin D deficiencies, British newspaper The Independent reported Monday.
The newspaper cited a confidential report from Cancer Research U.K., which revealed the charity was reconsidering its advice about avoiding the sun between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. The charity was responding to concerns that people were at risk of a lack of vitamin D without adequate exposure to sunlight. Medical researcher Oliver Gillie told the newspaper the current warnings to stay out of the sun may be causing health problems.

“Lack of sunshine and the vitamin it makes in our skin is probably the most serious single cause of disease in the U.K. today. Vitamin D deficiency is well known as the classic cause of rickets and serious bone diseases,” he said.“

Just one „pulse“ of artificial light at night disrupts circadian cell division, reveals a new study carried out by Dr. Rachel Ben-Shlomo of the University of Haifa-Oranim Department of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology along with Prof. Charalambos P. Kyriacou of the University of Leicester.

viaArtificial light at night disrupts cell division.

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2009 5 October: Blue Light Threatens Animals and Humans

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