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Medical experts who refuse to use low-energy lightbulbs to protect against skin cancer and blindness | Mail Online.

It´s never too late…

Wiley InterScience :: Journal :: Article PDF
Excellent article on age-related maculopathy (ARMD) and the impact of blue light hazard, including the action spectrum of lipofuscin chromophore A2E (430 – 440 nm, which covers exactly the position of the mercury (Hg) emission line at 436 nm. This line occurs in the emission spectrum of all mercury-based fluorescents lamps including CFLs and the backlights of most TFT screens.
Read this article thoroughly and you will gain a better understanding of the delicate processes found in the human retina.
By the way, I actually do not know ANY international standard for lamp safety (IEC, CIE, ICNIRP…), which would take these physiological facts into account. If you do, please let me know. (awp)

Artificial Lighting and the Blue Light Hazard