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Image Analysis Tools

Quelle: Image Analysis Tools

E. g. for animal vision simulation…

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Presentation held by Alexander Wunsch at the European Forum Alpbach 2015, Workshop #12, August 28th, 2015 on Vimeo:

Title: LED Lighting for Health – Status Quo or Dreams of the Future?

Abstract: Contemporary artificial light sources such as LEDs offer low energy consumption, extended life cycles and optimal integration into digital light control systems. On the other hand, LED for general lighting purposes exhibit a spectral energy distribution and other properties which are far apart from natural light sources and lighting conditions. The dissection of the full spectrum found in non-thermal light sources may turn out to be problematic with regard to the coordinated light sensing via ocular, dermal end cellular light perception pathways in humans. Possible endocrine, visual and chronobiological effects of non-thermal light sources are discussed and proposals for spectral properties of bio-compatible light sources are provided.


Ein Konsensus-Papier zur Frage, in wieweit Sonnenlicht für die Gesundheit des Menschen erforderlich ist. Der Volltext in Englisch kann als PDF heruntergeladen werden.

Press release in English: Click HERE

Quelle: Sunlight and Vitamin D: Necessary for Public Health – Journal of the American College of Nutrition –

Spectral filtering enables trichromatic vision in colorful jumping spiders: Current Biology.


2014 Nobel Prize Award for LED Light.

comments from Dark Sky Association…

International Year of Light Blog.

Skin + Light Glossary

This link leads you to a Wikipedia book on skin + light related entries collated by Alexander Wunsch. It is a version with reduced file size, nevertheless expect to download 25 MB for 1068 pages!

Vitamin D | Information Is Beautiful.

Are you vitamin D deficient?

The Dark Side of Blue Light

ISSUU – Architectural SSL – May 2014 by Construction Business Media.

See pages 14 – 18 for more information on blue light, LED and potential ocular hazards.

Damage of photoreceptor-derived cells in culture induced by light emitting diode-derived blue light.

Growing body of evidence that blue light from LEDs poses an increased risk to retinal integrity…