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Grassroots action to educate Congress and remove mercury from our medicine.

Quelle: Get Mercury out of Medicine: World Mercury Project | Indiegogo

Remarks from Alexander Wunsch:

Mercury – the major component of fluorescent lamp fillings is a potent neurotoxin which should be avoided wherever it is possible. Banning of incandescent lamps has led to a shift to fluorescent lamps (FL) and LEDs. Both are non-thermal light sources with incomplete spectrum. FL emit the spectral lines of mercury, which means, that the photons carry exactly the quantum energy which is able to excite mercury atoms photochemically. This could lead to increased chemical reactivity and toxicity, if mercury atoms flowing in your bloodstream are reached by light from artificial light sources containing this deleterious heavy metal. Remember: capillary vessels are located only 1/10 th of a millimeter beyond the skin suface.

Getting mercury out of medicine and out of the air you are breathing may result in a significant health improvement!