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Nano light mill motor controlled by wavelength changes (Photonics Spectra | Sep 2010 | Tech News).

Result paves the way for measuring torques on molecules with high sensitivity

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Newswise — There is a growing need for biocompatible photonic components for biomedical applications – from in vivo glucose monitoring to detecting harmful viruses or the telltale markers of Alzheimer’s. Optical waveguides are of particular interest because of their ability to manipulate and transport light in a controlled manner in a variety of configurations.

viaSilk-Based Optical Waveguides Meet Biomedical Needs.

An international collaboration claims to have made the first tuneable nanoscale light source that is driven by free electrons. Light is created by directing a beam of electrons through a tiny aperture that has been drilled into a stack of alternating gold and silicon-dioxide layers. Interaction between the electron beam and the alternating layers generates visible and infrared light emission.

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