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    The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism in Man and in Animal

    I have just discovered that this amazing book from Prof. Fritz Hollwich can be downloaded from Springer Link as a pdf at a very reasonable price ($69.99) compared to the softcover reprint (e. g. Amazon, 93.08 €) and original hardcover edition (e. g. Amazon, 551.70 € and more…).

    From the preface:

    „This book was written to show that light is a primal element of life. All life originates and develops under the influence of the light of the sun, that „super­ terrestrial natural force“ (Goethe).“

    „Sunlight influences the vital processes not only of the plant (e. g. , heliotropism, photosynthesis) and the animal (e. g. , color change, maturation of the gonads) but of man as well. The human organism too reacts „heliotropically,“ as the 24­ hour rhythm of the sleep-waking cycle demonstrates.“

    „Artists have always perceived clearly the intensive stimulatory effect sunlight on their activity.“

    „One is reminded here of Cesare Lombroso, who wrote to his daughter „that thoughts come in the greatest profusion when (my) room is flooded with the sun’s rays.“ Richard Wagner exclaimed: „If only the sun would come out, I would have the score finished in no time.“ Bernard Shaw had a little cottage where he worked that could be turned according to the position of the sun. The composer Humperdinck wrote: „The sun is indispensable for my work; that is why it is important for me to have my study face east or south.“ As these few examples indicate, it is above all those active in the arts who intuitively grasp the positive influence of sunlight on the psycho-physical efficiency of their organism.“

    „In an age, however, when fluorescent lighting turns night into day, we are in danger of forgetting that man is a creature of nature as well as of culture.“

    „Artificial light cannot replace natural daylight.“

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Wir leben im Jahrhundert des Photons. 2015 feierte sogar die UNESCO die Photonen, indem sie das Internationale Jahr des Lichts ausgerufen hat. Photonen, also Lichtquanten, sind die "Bausteine" der elektromagnetischen Strahlung und treten immer dann in Erscheinung, wenn Materie ihren Energiezustand ändert. lux agitat molem - das Licht bewegt die Materie! Und - das Thema Licht bewegt mich persönlich, ich bin fasziniert davon...... -------------------------------------------------- We live in the Century of Photons. Photons or quanta are the "building blocks" of electromagnetic radiation and enter the stage each time, when matter changes atomic/molecular constitution. lux agitat molem - Light Moves Matter! And - light moves myself, it fascinates me...


Der enthält Links zu Themen, die mich im Zusammenhang mit Licht, Farben und Gesundheit interessieren. Wenn ich im Web surfe und dabei Interessantes entdecke, mache ich hier einen Eintrag. Das muss manchmal sehr schnell gehen, daher fehlt auch bei spannenden Links oft ein einprägsames Bild (aus Copyrightgründen) oder ein Kommentar (Zeit!). Ich schätze die Suchfunktion, da ich diese Infosammlung selbst oft als Wissensspeicher nutze.

This contains weblinks to topics I am interested in with regard to light, color and health. This blog is a kind of personal logbook and therefore the entries often do not contain pictures or comments. Sometimes, when I have the time and words come easy, a luxurious entry occurs. Personally, I use this blog as a thesaurus via the search functionality.

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